Poem a day 2 -The bear-

There was a big bad bear who liked to break bricks and blocks

The bear drank beer that was in the bottle made oud of beetles

He ate noodles made out of poodles

He gobbled hot dogs and hot frogs

He chomped mosquitoes’ toes

He crunched marshmellowed mantis

He swallowed mice with rice

He devoured snakes’ tailes

He also scrunched eel’s eggs

Soon, the bear’s big belly became bigger and bigger until the belly blew up like a balloon.


About InsectmaniaHuckJun

I'm a human! Welcome to my blog for insect manias!
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1 Response to Poem a day 2 -The bear-

  1. soccermpark says:

    Remember a bear likes to rob the bank?

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